Sunday, August 22, 2004

Today was Naomi's birthday and I am feeling sort of emotional about it. I can't believe she's 3 and I can't believe how much of a little girl she is. She used to be my baby. Good thing I have a spare baby J. Yesterday was her birthday party and Emma and Nico came and Lizzie and Madeleine. First they played with the dress up clothes and had a tea party on the blanket in the back yard. It seemed like they had too much energy though so we set up the slip and slide. Nico was the only one who actually slipped and slided but they had fun anyway. Naomi was really interested in when they could have cake, so finally we had cake. She got upset because Lizzie "helped" her blow out the candles and she wanted to do it alone. I guess that is a big theme these days. That she wants to do certain things for herself. But then other things she does not and she just keeps saying "I can't!" That is actually beginning to annoy me.
Julia thankfully slept until the party started and then was content to hang out in the Moby wrap and watch the action. She really is such a happy little baby. I think she tried to reach out and touch a toy today. She was in the crib waiting for me to help Naomi in the bathroom and when I came back she was holding Magenta's star. Magenta is a little toy dog from a cartoon character and it had a star dangling from it that plays rock-a-bye baby when you pull on it. I used to have it over the changing table for Naomi because she would cry so when I changed her. I should put it there for Julia. Anyway, Julia was holding the star. I handed her other toys, but she really didn't reach out for them.
Today, Naomi got to open her presents from us before breakfast and proceeded to play with them instead of eating breakfast. Finally I told Adam to take her to the donut place around the corner. That is a perfectly reasonable birthday breakfast anyway. She got a set of "doctor things". Actually they are veterinarian things, but she can't read so it doesn't matter. We were all patients at some point today, even Julia.
When I see how Naomi just loves Julia it makes me all happy and weepy. I woke up this morning and I had one baby snuggling on either side of me which was pure joy. Naomi woke up and said to me as she looked over me "You know, I just love Julia" and I wanted to cry with happiness.

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