Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Knitting ADD

We are back from vacation and it has been hard to get back into the groove. DH left almost immediately for New York and the kids started daycamp. They are super tired at the end of the day. Especially because we still have swimming in the afternoon. Which brings me to the knitting ADD. I decided that I could knit during swim class but I am having a hard time settling on a project. Sometimes I work on a little baby sweater for my friend. Then I make washcloths for friends who got marrried. I am trying to find a project for the bambu yarn from bluemoon fiber arts that I have. I am considering This: http://www.stitchdiva.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=SDS-035 pattern but it would have to be twotone since I have only 1 skein of bambu. But that could look good depending on what the other colors are. Knitty has a similar pattern which is free of course but I think I like the stichdiva one better. But first, I suppose I should finish Julia's poncho, Naomi's hat, the washcloths and/or handtowels, the baby sweater and reknit the vest I decided to rip out several months ago. Oh, and I want to knot a chevron scarf since everyone is. Oh, and I promised I would knit some flowers for an art installation. So every day I have different project with me and the moms around me noticed.
pssst there is also a super secret bootie project that I can't seem to finish for Sara since I just don't want to do the second one...
Yup! Knitting ADD

Monday, July 02, 2007


Moleskine 7-2-07
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This is for Illustration Friday. this flower, a columbine of some kind I do believe, seems twisted up into itself. Especially the buds are all twisted together.