Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Today we were supposed to see Sophia but Naomi woke up with a fever this morning so that is not going to happen. Naomi was very sad but I promised we would bake granola bar cookies. We have been doing a lot of baking since we got the egg free baking cookbook. I made a lovely peach and blueberry upside down cake that would have been for book club had the power not been out. Last night we threw together a zucchini chocolate chip bread and I have even made my own teething biscuits. They are not bad, and Julia LOVES them. Then Granola bars (still without oats) today. I hope they are decent anyway.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Adam got clementines at Trader Joes so we have been singing the song "Oh my darlin, oh my darlin Oh my darlin Clementine! You're a sweet and juicy orange, let me eat you clementine" What is incredible is that I found myself belting this out loud with Naomi in Safeway the other day. We make up new versus for the song too all with orange themes.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

I took Naomi to the Allergist Friday. What amazed me most about the entire visit was that they told Naomi she cold watch a video. Without hesitation she said "I want to watch Rudolph (the red nosed reindeer)" I started to say that well., they might not have that particular video... But she had seen a little picture of Rudolph on the spine of a VCR tape on a shelf full of tapes. I was impressed with her ability to spot that.
Both the doctor and the nurse said that she was very articulate for her age. She also braved the scratch test which was a big deal I think. She is allergic to dust and egg whites. Her allergy to milk and oats seems to have cleared up though, and she is likely to outgrow the egg white allergy if we are careful by not giving her too many egg whites. I guess her wheezing was not fro the inadvertent dairy consumption, but from exceptionally dusty houses J. The dust allergy is going to require that we encase the mattresses and pillow cases and worst of all, vacuum under the beds regularly. All stuffed animals have been banished from the bedroom too so they are in a big plastic bad in the closet. Naomi has quite a collection of stuffed animals I might add. So in case anyone is thinking of giving her any stuffed animals, please reconsider since they will just be added to the rest of the collection that is in the closet.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Julia is doing all sorts of things for herself now. She crawls, and pulls up and goes to a sitting position. Right now she is playing with the trash can in my office which I have filled with toys. She also picks up cereal bits for herself and eats them. She makes all kinds of noises and chats. As for babyproofing the house, there is the regular stuff to do, like hide the electrical cords (which she loves) but I don't see the point in softening the edges of the fireplace and the coffee table since she hasn't bumped her head on them, but she has bumped her head twice on the baseboards now.
I think she likes foods more easily than Naomi does since she eats up whatever I give her and with Naomi I had to trick her into eating and tasting new things. There may be something to the theory that Naomi is a supertaster. Naomi tried the snowpeas growing in the backyard, but decided she didn't like them. Maybe I can get her to try it again sometime.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today, as I am driving Naomi to school I asked her for her confirmation on something by asking her "what do you say?" and she replied to that (I can't even remember what this whole conversation was about). Then Julia babbled in her seat since she does not want to be left out of the conversation. Naomi then said "well, that is what Julia says".
Naomi and Julia are really sweet together. Julia thinks Naomi is the cats Miauw of course. Whatever she does is paid attention to and now that she is crawling she tries to get in on the play that Naomi is doing.