Thursday, January 20, 2005

Julia is doing all sorts of things for herself now. She crawls, and pulls up and goes to a sitting position. Right now she is playing with the trash can in my office which I have filled with toys. She also picks up cereal bits for herself and eats them. She makes all kinds of noises and chats. As for babyproofing the house, there is the regular stuff to do, like hide the electrical cords (which she loves) but I don't see the point in softening the edges of the fireplace and the coffee table since she hasn't bumped her head on them, but she has bumped her head twice on the baseboards now.
I think she likes foods more easily than Naomi does since she eats up whatever I give her and with Naomi I had to trick her into eating and tasting new things. There may be something to the theory that Naomi is a supertaster. Naomi tried the snowpeas growing in the backyard, but decided she didn't like them. Maybe I can get her to try it again sometime.

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