Saturday, December 04, 2004

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Naomi in her nest Posted by Hello
Julia has a tooth. I can feel it where it has come through the gums. And yes, I can feel it while nursing too. Actually mostly towards the end when Julia starts to get distracted by what is going on around her and wants to look at it while eating.
She is absolutely too cute, playing with the music cube right now. She is really good at entertaining herself for sometime on the floor. I need to watch it when she starts to crawl because I have been letting myself feel secure in her immobility. She is not that immobile, but she is not very fast now. When she crawls that will all change.

Naomi has her first job taking care of the neighbors cats. Actually I put the food out, and she runs after the cats trying to pick them up and pet them. Mostly the cats are terrorized but Naomi is very gentle with animals. She is just a little overzealous. She plays hide and seek with the cats and I am not sure who is supposed to be hiding and seeking but the cats definitely hide. I count, and Naomi hides and then goes to look for the cats. Julia hangs out in the sling and cracks up every time she sees Naomi whizzing by.