Thursday, December 27, 2007

Amaryllis 1

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I got an Amarylis to brighten the house. I got a style and color that was not my first choice because it had a sprout and I could have a flower sooner. Non photo blue pencil, Koh-I-Noor rapidosketch pen and watercolor pencils.

Amaryllis 2

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Two days of the amarylis. The 22nd and the 26th. Non photo blue pencil, Koh-I-Noor rapidosketch pen and woodless colored pencils.

Amaryllis 3

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Amaryllis now open. I like the coloration of it better than I had thought I would. It is almost striped though that is not well reflected in my slightly overworked sketch. There is no shading to speak of since the flower was entirely backlit by our (lovely) enormous windows. The girls had taken over the other side of the table with a fimo project.
Non photo blue pencil, Koh-I-Noor rapidosketch pen and watercolor pencils.

Amaryllis the rest of the story...

Now that the flower has started coming out I think it looks better than I had anticipated. It is more "candy stripe" than the deep red I thought it would be. The drawings are done in non photo blue pencil (which you can't see anymore which is of course the point), Koh-I-Noor rapidosketch pen and watercolor pencils or Koh-I-noor colored pencils that I commandeered from the kids. I think they are too fragile for them anyway but I am not convinced that I like them that much.
I do like the way the watercolor pencils are working for me and I like the paper texture in the sketchbook I have right now. It is an Artist's drawing pad What I don't like about it is the orientation of the spine, the fact that it does not lay flat, and that the cover is not stiff.
I like the fact that I can fit it into a folder that holds 13 pencils though that is hardly enough pencils for me.
I am looking for the ultimate sketchbook... but more on that later.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowman candle

Snowman candle
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The girls got these candles last year and since I am too lazy to get the broom, and if I did, I would feel inclined to use it, I just drew what was already on the table.
Why get the broom you ask? Well, it is the every day matters prompt. Check out and all will be clear.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birdfeeder gets some action

Birdfeeder get some action
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The bird feeder outside finally got some action today- more than a week after I filled it! Yesterday I saw one or two birds check it out and I decided to draw the feeder when there weren't any birds to be seen but all of a sudden they all showed up and blocked my view of the bird feeder. I was really excited to see the woodpecker up in the tree too though it didn't stay long. Obviously not a seed eater but maybe I can get a suet feeder.I also want to fill the hummingbird feeder.
If I am doing a lot of nature sketching or even sketching and drawing in general, I notice more things in general. I don't know if it is because I am looking for things to draw or for some other reason, but I notice the world around me better if I am drawing a lot.
I have been working in a sketch book that I got as part of a class. I actually like the 6x9 size and I also quite like the toothieness of the paper. It works well with the watercolor pencils and does not fall apart if you wet it slightly.