Sunday, April 15, 2007

Live model drawing

SuperGigi.jpg, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

My friend Julie had hired a model to sit for a painting for her while I took care of hte kids. When julie was done, I went down to her studio (she has a real studio!) and I drew the model for a while. Time goes really fast when you are just in your other brain.
This photo is a mirror image of the actual drawing and I can see lots of different things in it now that did not work out so well, but I am generally pleased with the resuult.
The name of the model (who usually does childrens parties and corporate events etc) was Super Gigi. Super Gigi! I just love that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The cutest shoes

the cutest shoes.jpg, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

I broke down and bought the girls shoes at Nordstrom. I was sick of argueing over what shoes to wear on PE day, Julia had grown out of her shoes and I wanted pretty and sensible good shoes that last for both of them. This was an expensive proposition, but we did it. We got cute, sparkly practical shoes for the summer.
Then Julia lost one shoe. When we crossed the street she tripped near the storm drain and caught her foot in the drain opening and her shoe slipped off. I couldn't see the shoe down in the drain, let alone get it back. Nobody was hurt, but Naomi was terribly upset. She felt that Julia must feel really sad about her lost shoe. Julia just kept walking along with only one shoe and didn't seem bothered one bit. Well, now I will order another pair of shoes like this.
Some raccoon is hoping for the other shoe to come down though...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Naomi in Dress

Naomi in Dress, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

Naomi on the other hand will pose! There are more photo's at Flickr.

Julia in Dress

Julia in Dress, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

I can't get Juliia and Naomi to get in the same spot at the same time. Mosty it is the Easter morning sugar doing its job. The girls were up beefore the crack of dawn and we found the easter baskets and then went on the egg hunt around the house and garden. (Shhh there are still eggs out there) Of course they ate some candy right away and now they are hopped up on sugar.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the Fairy

the Fairy, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

Julia is wearing her favorite costume (tinkerbell) because we went to a fairy birthday party.