Thursday, September 16, 2004

Julia has had a fussy and not very sleepy day today. The past couple of nights she hasn't slept well either. I think it is her developmental overdrive to turn over. As soon as you put her down she arches her back and tries to get on her stomach. As soon as she is on her stomach she is unhappy about that too. But she can't help herself, she needs to perfect this turning over thing. What is interesting is that she turns differently than Naomi did. Naomi would get her legs in the air and let her momentum of them falling to the side turn her over. Julia arches her back till she is on her side and then reaches a leg over till she winds up on her stomach. But her arm gets in her way and frustrates her. Still, all this practice is bound to lead to perfection. Naomi tries to show her how it is done. A fine example of practice making perfect as far as turning over is concerned.
Another cute thing Julia does is she puts her feet together in a gesture that is kind of like putting your hands together in prayer pose. I guess using your feet for this thoughtful gesture leaves your hands free for grabbing things.
Naomi's latest thing is saying she can't do anything. Whatever she had mastered before, like putting on her shoes, climbing out of the bath, or drawing the letter H, she says she can't do anymore.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Naomi is having a "work slowdown". I guess the United Union of Preschoolers would like more breakfast choices and better fringe benefits (bathtime bubbles?). So to get me to the negotiating table Naomi has not been listening to me and refusing to put her clothes on or go potty when it is time to go somewhere.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Julia is 3 months old and I am feeling wistful for the tiny baby days already. For one thing, I can't nurse her to sleep in front of the TV anymore and then expect to put her to bed. Then again, I am not sad that she seems to be able to entertain herself for a few minutes now. She is trying to reach out for toys and things, and her hands remain the most fascinating objects around. I showed her her feet but she didn't seem impressed. Like, whatever, they don't do anything! Does she even realize that they are connected to her body. If I hold her up she is a pretty steady sitter too and she digs the vibrating rocking chair while I fix dinner.
Now I can get her on my back in the Moby wrap and she seems to tolerate that pretty well (See picture!). Not for too long though, she starts to squirm eventually. It feels pretty secure to have her up there on my back.
Naomi has been having a hard time getting motivated. She doesn't want to do anything lately. She doesn't want to go to the park, but once we're there she doesn't want to leave. She doesn't want to get in the bath, but once in she doesn't want to get out. She is also very interested in routines and lists the routines we have. For instance at the dinner table she will say, "after dinner we can do this, and then we take a bath and then we brush our teeth, etc"
Last week we went to a fabulous park that had a ton of play structures and a "water mountain". Naomi found a friend right away and shared her orange bear with her. It was really sweet. I think having sharing day at the daycare really helps with being able to share.

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