Sunday, May 27, 2007


May ATC, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

Well, I was stumped on this theme "reach for the stars" for a while but then the star jasmine bloomed and the strong scent made me think of it. Anytime I can fit a flower to a theme is fine with me. Now I just have to mail this.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Target practice

Target practice, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

Naomi drew a monster to put on the window and shoot marhmallows at. That will kill the monster... At least there is no way you can break the window.

The plans...

The plans..., originally uploaded by jjs_37.

Adam and Naomi have wanted Marshmallow guns since Christmas, so Adam got the plans from Make magazine and decided this would be a good project for the girls. After reading the plans and all the measuring and assembling, I think it was actually kind of educational. The marshmallows go pretty far. I get bombarded with marshmallows every time I go into the backyard. Naomi does not understand why she is not allowed to play with it in the front yard.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Artist trading cards

ATC407-1.jpg, originally uploaded by jjs_37.

I am participating in an artist trading card exchange (see I told you I am procrastinating). You make 2.5 by 3.5 little original art works and then send one out to your exchange partner. Here is the one I made for April with the theme "a world in bloom". Managed to mail it out on the deadline so I am feeling pretty pleased. Of course it shouldn't be that hard to make a teeny tiny piece of art in a month. Still, I think the small canvas has it's own challenges.

It has been a while since I updated but right now I am procrastinating something else so... We have succeeded in getting through turn off TV week and it was remarkably easy. In fact, for the last two days Naomi said she was not even interested in watching TV even thought the week is over. This was a school sponsored event and if they participated they would get to go to a book swap and were able to win a prize if they kept the TV off all week. Naomi was into it and we hung a sign in front of the TV. Naomi was happy that there was extra time to play and she was just good about not even asking about TV.
She did win the prize - an ice cream after school on Thursday - and I am really proud of her. She decided to participate, and took ownership of this project and really did it. To replace TV they listened to books on tape while I was fixing dinner. That is almost like being read to...