Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birdfeeder gets some action

Birdfeeder get some action
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The bird feeder outside finally got some action today- more than a week after I filled it! Yesterday I saw one or two birds check it out and I decided to draw the feeder when there weren't any birds to be seen but all of a sudden they all showed up and blocked my view of the bird feeder. I was really excited to see the woodpecker up in the tree too though it didn't stay long. Obviously not a seed eater but maybe I can get a suet feeder.I also want to fill the hummingbird feeder.
If I am doing a lot of nature sketching or even sketching and drawing in general, I notice more things in general. I don't know if it is because I am looking for things to draw or for some other reason, but I notice the world around me better if I am drawing a lot.
I have been working in a sketch book that I got as part of a class. I actually like the 6x9 size and I also quite like the toothieness of the paper. It works well with the watercolor pencils and does not fall apart if you wet it slightly.

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