Thursday, December 27, 2007

Amaryllis the rest of the story...

Now that the flower has started coming out I think it looks better than I had anticipated. It is more "candy stripe" than the deep red I thought it would be. The drawings are done in non photo blue pencil (which you can't see anymore which is of course the point), Koh-I-Noor rapidosketch pen and watercolor pencils or Koh-I-noor colored pencils that I commandeered from the kids. I think they are too fragile for them anyway but I am not convinced that I like them that much.
I do like the way the watercolor pencils are working for me and I like the paper texture in the sketchbook I have right now. It is an Artist's drawing pad What I don't like about it is the orientation of the spine, the fact that it does not lay flat, and that the cover is not stiff.
I like the fact that I can fit it into a folder that holds 13 pencils though that is hardly enough pencils for me.
I am looking for the ultimate sketchbook... but more on that later.

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