Saturday, August 14, 2004

This week has been really long with me alone with the two of them. I never seem to be able to complete a thought before someone needs something again. I have a long list of things that I want to do right now and I want to do them all alone. I would be happy to do laundry alone at this point. Of course blogging on the computer works in a way.
And now Naomi went to sleep in her own bed. I feel bad because she was in there reading and I found her and told her it was OK to be in her bed, but she had to turn the light off. I turned it off and Julia started to cry in the other room. Well I guess she was sitting in bed just pouting when Adam went to check on her, and she said that I had turned the light off. I feel bad that she was crying and that after a long week I couldn't comfort her, but she is slept in her own bed last night. Weird!
Today Naomi seems really tired and fussy though so it makes you think she didn't sleep well in her own bed. The Julia as heat seeking missile theory is confirmed though. She started out at the edge and this morning she was in the middle of the bed with Adam and I crowded to one side. I move over a little and then she follows me. Who says she isn't mobile!

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