Friday, August 06, 2004

Julia weighs 12 lbs 14 ounces now. And she is 23 inches. We had a well baby check and she is well. Growing a lot as she should. Julia loves the baby in the mirror at the end of the hall and greets her with a smile and a squeal. She is definitely more alert and responsive these days and that is fun. But on the other hand I want her to stay little for a little longer.
Naomi nursed her "baby" and I am particularly excited about this. I nursed Naomi for so long that I was disappointed when she fed her dolls bottles. But the other day I asked her if her doll was hungry and she nursed the doll. It was difficult because the doll did not latch on well (or at all really, they should make a better breastfeeding doll) and her breasts don't sag so she has to hold the doll up high.
After having too much milk, the supply is finally under control although it is difficult to let go of the extra milk emotionally. I liked having all the milk in a way I guess. Now it feels as if there is not enough, even though I know there is since Julia is fat and happy. If there weren't it would leave Julia with few options since she won't take the bottle. She sort of tolerated having the bottle nipple in her mouth today but did not actually drink any.

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