Sunday, August 29, 2004

Oh the places you'll nurse

Yesterday we went to Natalie's birthday party in Santa Rosa which was the longest car ride Julia has been on. It went well on the way over because I timed it to overlap with a nap. The party was really fun and I will try to get some pictures up soon. Naomi had a fabulous time in the bounce house and playing at the play ground. It is amazing how far away from me I will let Naomi get now that she is getting older. She did a good job of not getting too far and staying in the playground so that is great.
We stopped in at Jack's afterwards and Naomi and Natalie had a bath together. So I loaded up my freshly washed girl and a sleepy baby. Well, Julia did not fall asleep and we got stuck in traffic. She was OK with a pacifier as long as I was holding it, but when we were about to get on the Richmond/San Rafael bridge, which had terrible traffic, she started to cry for real. It was about time for her to eat again since she eats rather frequently in the evening so I told Adam to take the next exit. It was the San Quentin exit, which is a prison (in case you didn't know), and we pulled over and I nursed. So, the strangest place I have ever nursed so far would have to be outside the gates of San Quentin. Well, we weren't in the search lights or anything... and I figure it must be the safest place in the world too.

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