Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The potty train is leaving the station.

I got Naomi a seat that fits on our toilet. She was excited to try it out and sat on it, then she wanted to try to pee on the toilet in spite of the fact that she had just peed on her potty. OK, so she sits on the toilet again. Then she lifts her seat and tries to sit on the toilet without it. Well, I was slow and she fell through. It was really hard not to laugh, but I held that in and told her that it was OK and I wiped her off.
So next week we are not going to have any more diapers (and I mean it for real too) and I will expect to be cleaning up a lot. Naomi will be home all week because Kathy is going on vacation so we can roam around naked Hooray! Well, Naomi can, I will keep my clothes on.

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