Friday, August 27, 2004

Annoying questions and potty training.

The question is, who is potty trained at this point? I guess I am trained to take Naomi to the potty many times a day while she has not really learned to go there on her own accord. I can take her to the potty and she will sit on it and ten minutes later she will pee on the floor. She does not want to wear the all in one training pants so I am having to clean up a lot. I guess I felt under pressure to potty train her because after all she is 3, and lots of 3 YO's are potty trained.
In fact it seems that at every stage there is the annoying question: For babies "is she sleeping through the night yet?", for toddlers "is she potty trained yet?" But I have read it is perfectly normal for some children not to learn how to use the potty till they are older. Indeed everyone does learn at some point, but I felt that there must be something wrong with me if my incredibly smart and charming daughter didn't at THIS point. I wish in retrospect that I had had the courage to wait until I knew she was ready. I wanted her to be ready and I felt she should be but I think in my heart of hearts I knew she wasn't. Hopefully I will remember this when Julia's time comes.
I went on a play date with my AP mothers group on Wednesday and it was really fun. It was funny to be checking out other peoples slings -"wow, that is a really nice fabric"; "oh it's a zolowear"; "that looks really comfortable, but is it hot? What kind is it?" "it's my moby wrap, it is not too hot and very comfortable" LOL (laughing out loud). Only at an AP play group.
Naomi has been sleeping in her own bed regularly. Mainly because she wants to take her toys to bed with her and I don't want them in my bed. So four nights out of the last six she has slept in her own bed. The down side is that she wakes up earlier.
Come to think of it, luckily it is not widely known that the girls sleep in our bed so we don't get the "is she sleeping in her own bed yet?" question too much. Well, it is now, and don't ask me that question.

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