Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Naomi's ideas

Kids Naomi's age (about 3) are full of their own ideas and it is really obvious in Naomi now. She loves to tell stories and to be involved in conversation. She really explores a theme in conversation too. For instance she talked moms ear off about cuts. Mom had a bad cut on her finger which clearly fascinated her and she talked and talked about cuts and all the cuts she had and the cut Grandma Carol had on her stomach too. She said that she had grown up and drove grandma Carol to the hospital because she had a cut on her stomach.
Then tonight she spent ages exploring cutting paper. They were kites I guess. It was just such an idea she locked onto and just played and played with it in her own mind, I love to see that kind of play. Funny that I love to just watch her instead of finally getting something done now that she is finally entertaining herself.

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