Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A day by ourselves

I spent the whole day with Naomi and Julia by myself. Quite a hurdle, but I made it. Naomi was a little testy today, but overall everything went well. First I gave Naomi a haircut and mopped the floor and then we delivered thank you notes to the neighbors. We played mailman and suddenly Naomi was very interested in the mailman when she saw him on our route.
I had scheduled a playdate at the park so that is where we went this afternoon. No other people showed up but Naomi likes Maddux park. She did want to know where Maddux was.
We did have a moment when we had to leave where Julia was screaming from being hot, overtired and overstimulated. Naomi did not want to go and then pooped in her diaper. I told her to wait by the car while I put Julia in her seat and she decided to take off down the street. We had a psycho mother moment...

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