Thursday, July 29, 2004

Julia's bottle strike.

Suddenly Julia won't take the bottle anymore. She drank it on Friday and Tuesday she started to refuse it. It is like she has figured out that I have the goods on tap so why settle for less. Why eat Hershey's when there is an unlimited supply of Belgian chocolate available?
Where are the bottle consultants? If you have trouble breastfeeding there are any number of places where you can get help. Lactation consultants or La Leche League... But there is no one to call about a bottle strike. I think if formula companies or bottle manufacturers set up a bottle feeding consultation hotline the breastfeeding community would get outraged.
So we are trying different times of day and also the bait and switch method. We will keep trying and trying. I think that the general advice is to let her go hungry till she takes the bottle but I don't want to really do that. It seems like it is needless crying. But the alternative is that I can't leave her alone for a very long time... Which means no Mommy's nights out for a long time.
My online advice community is split over wether to persist or to wait and see if she will take a bottle when she gets older and is interested in solid food. And several people have mentioned that their babies never took the bottle and were fine being left with daddies and sitters because they simply waited for the good stuff to come home.
Whenever I have a mothering challenge like this the world just looks bleak and I feel like none of this will ever work out and I forget to stay centered in my mind about these minor things. So I decided that it was time to take a Yoga class and so we went to mother baby yoga this morning. It was so loud it was funny. All the babies squealing and laughing and fussing. But for savasana it was quiet... Because everyone was nursing :D And now I feel centered and confident again that everything will work out.

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