Friday, July 16, 2004

Brain Disconnect!

Yesterday I picked Naomi up from Kathy's house
with Julia in the car. Of course as I am trying to get Naomi into the
car, Julia starts crying and since she had been asleep for a while she
was probably hungry. So while Naomi has the task of getting herself
into her seat where she was to find a cookie I go to check on Julia to
see if I can give her the pacifier (she doesn't actually like it, but
hope springs eternal). The person who parked behind us is moving their
car so we can get out so I hop into the drivers seat and start backing
out. Naomi suddenly calls out "Mommy Mommy! you forgot to close the
door!" Indeed, her door was open and she was not strapped in either.
She had been so happy sitting in her seat, with her cookie, that I
assumed she was taken care of. This morning while Adam was taking her
to Kathy's house Naomi told him all about how I had made a big mistake
but that it was OK. I may never live this down.

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