Sunday, February 17, 2008

Church landscape

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For the online class I am takin gI need to work on aerial perspective and I love the layers of the hills around here. the problem is that the foreground for these hills is usually the highway I drive up. Not so interesting in fact. So I decided to draw the church that is home to J's preschool. J thinks every church is her school, so when she saw this painting she correctly identified it as her school (we are actually located in the parish hall building, but whatever).
This is what she has to say about the school though:
Nursery school is a really fun place. There are lots of toys there. you sit on your butt and then there are chairs at circle time. You can paint and draw and do things. Then you play outside and the bell rings. Then you go inside to circle time and you share. You can bring your lunchbox if you're sharing. You can eat your lunch outside. Also you have a cubby with your pictures and blue berries with green leaves on the tree.
What amazes me is that she noticed the berries and the leaves on the tree in the play yard.

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