Monday, January 14, 2008

Backyard notes

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Inspired by the Creative Mom Podcast I have been working on a series of some kind. This series is my backyard I guess. It is still an unformed idea, this series thing, but it is there. More and more I think of sketches in a series. In fact I am thinking of dong a whole garden notebook or garden sketchbook, all on little watercolor paper accordions. Or sketchbooks made like
I cut these things off my rosebush and I was struck by the diversity of stages on the winter rosebush. Buds as well as rosehips and new growth nubs. I am probably pruning it too late, but in the lovely NorCal climate I am probably forgiven.
Now I will think about teaching first graders to draw trees...

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Frankye said...

This is a beautiful piece. Very nice botanical work - I'm envious! I trimmed the rosehips off my bushes just a few weeks ago and now all those branches are filled with new shoots - red and green now, but filled with beautiful yellow roses later!

I don't think you mentioned if the piece was in WC pencil or not. It would be great for lesson 4! See you in class!