Friday, October 15, 2004

2:44 PM This just in: Julia can roll from her stomach to her back now. She just did it a couple of times. SHe has done it before but now she is clearly practicing it...
I've been reading operating instructions by Ann Lamott and it is really a very good book and very funny and validating at the same time. It makes me realize that it is really still OK to be tired and overwhelmed sometimes. The other day I said to Adam that I couldn't imagine why I was so tired since Naomi had been at school all day and I hadn't really done anything all day besides the general home upkeep. Then I realized that I was still doing all that with an infant in tow and plenty of people find that tiring enough.
Naomi's favorite thing lately is to tell our days. After lights out at bedtime we talk about our favorite part and our saddest part of our day. Sometimes she tells things from other days and sometimes she just tells me her favorite part is what just happened. "My favorite part is that you got Julia from her crib" or "My favorite part was turning out the light."
She was full of vim and vigor this morning and came to wake me up to tell me something which I have forgotten already and which may not have made sense to me at the time, but then she hopped out of our room and down the hall. It was so funny and happy at the same time that I actually felt like getting up at that point.

Here is another sentiment that helped me from the parents Tao Te Ching:

There are many ways to get children
to behave as you wish.
You can force, plead and bribe.
You can manipulate, trick and persuade.
You can use shame, guilt and reason.
These will all rebound upon you.
You will be in constant conflict.

Attend instead to your own actions.
Develop contentment within yourself.
Find peace and love in all you do.
This will keep you busy enough.
There is no need to control others.

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