Friday, August 07, 2009

The end of a book

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I am near the end of my sketchbook and this freezes me up. You would think that the first page of a new one would cause me anxiety but I love starting a new book. The trouble with the end of the book is that I want to end on a good note, or drawing rather. I have a standard already of the book as a whole and I want to end with something that sums it up. Books need good endings. How often in bookclub do we rake a book over the coals because it ended weakly. Well, we rake books over the coals for a variety of reasons and usually there is more to a bad book than a bad ending.
And it seems as if the passage of the moments summed up in the book should not simply be closed and put on the shelf after i have carried the book nearly everywhere for the last 3 months. It even feels like it is not the right time to start the new book. It is one I bound myself and I am excited to start it. It is so full of the promise of moments to come. The little things like frogs and beans I did not plant that fill my life with wonder. I can't wait to find the wonder that will cause me to pull it out of my bag so I can savor that moment again and again.
I think it is time to design a book turnover ceremony

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