Friday, January 09, 2009

New tools and some old ones too

One of my Pitt pens ran out of ink and after coaxing it along for a few days I decided that I should get a new pen. Of course I have a box of perfectly good pens in the cabinet in the garage where I hide the shameful bounty of crafty stuff I own. And it has black pens in it. And a backup water brush. The brush I have been using was being weird and was probably getting old after a couple of years of use. So clearly I needed to go to Jetpens and order a new waterbrush (one must have backups) and pens...
I got a Pentel Tradio pen, a Pentel brush pen and refills, a Signo white pen (this is really a good pen for white writing on a dark background). They were out of my favorite waterbrush (pentel!) and the Tradio pen was an impulse buy. But I love it. It is my new favorite pen. It is kind of like a fountain pen but the tip is synthetic and not mental. The line is very smooth and organic with variation in the line thickness. I am having fun using this pen though I have made some discoveries which I will go into in the future.
Meanwhile I also took a picture of the other pens that live in my pen case. The caligraphy writer by Zig and a Koh-I-Noor pen.

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