Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sketching shore birds

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While both girls were at school at the same time, and I was in neither school working, I went for a cup of coffee, a bagel and decided to find some birds. I had found a list of good birding spots on the national association of ornithologists annual meeting website. They apparently went for a field trip to this location, and it is incredibly close to my house.
I found lots of birds and they weren't super close, but they weren't far either. I used a non-photo blue pencil to draw quickly and then used pen to finalize the drawings later. It really worked for me this time and I worked on several birds at the same time though I focused on one kind of bird at a time. In the actual pond they were mixed up.


Jamie said...

Lovely. On a Monday you should come over sometime while I clean up and let her nap. You can draw the Safeway logo or color a page black from Basement of Broken Dream inspiration.

Jacqueline said...

I would love to! Then I could post the safeway logo for all to see :)