Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fitzgerald marine preserve

Fitzgerald marine preserve
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This is a painting I did using a sketch in a sketchbook as a reference. It is usiing watercolor pencils on Arches cold press paper. While I am happy with how the cliffs and the trees turned out on this drawing/painting, I am not so sure that I like the water. The purple seemed like an unusual color which might have been wrong in the cliffs but I think it ultimately works. As usual I am not getting a good scan which represents the drawing accurately but using the color enhancement feature makes it look more untrue. I will have to learn to adjust in photoshop at some point.
Now that we have spring break I hope we can go to the beach one day and I can look at the waves. But there are a ton of other things to accomplish during spring break besides that.
When life feels so full and frankly stressful, I really feel the need to head out into nature and draw. Being around the house and doing the chores really feels like a drag in that case. Waiting for phone calls, checking email, which overwhelms me these days, and stressing about the tasks I need to accomplish and if I will remember them. Yuk, yuk and triple yuk!

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