Wednesday, September 12, 2007

knitted flowers

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I knitted these flowers for a person in Naomi's school. She is using them to create an art piece. I like how some of them turned out. Some I actually got from a pattern in the new Vogue knitting by Nicky Epstein.
Speaking of VK, there is a sweater in there that I covet. OF course, since it is in a knitting magazine it is not simply a matter of yearning for it and then BUYING it somehow. I have to buy the yarn and knit it. Unfortunately this is not discouraging me. The endless variation in yarn and the dream of this sweater is making me insane even though it is a heavily cabled "cone of silence" type of project.
And it would go perfectly with my million dollar dress (more on that another time) and it is a very classic sweater.

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