Friday, August 31, 2007

Mule rides in Golden Gate Park and School starts

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A few weeks ago Naomi went with our sitter Penny to Golden Gate Park to the Childrens horse event. She got to ride a mule which was almost the hightlight. Winning the raffle several times was better than anything.
So why am I writing now and not several weeks ago? Well, back to school is a frenzy!
We have the first week behind us and Naomi is in teacher Ellen's class. She seems really nice and I think it will be an exciting year. She seems the kind of teacher who is aligned with my way of thinking and this goes a long way towards placating me in the process of having a curriculum forced down my (or is it Naomi's) throat that I am not excited about. But don't get me started about that.
The most exciting thing of course has been that I have been riding the bike to pick Naomi up at school and she has been wanting me to meet her at the flagpole all week. Today I did it. I waited outside at the flagpole for her and she put her stuff in the bags, put on the helmet and hopped on. I must say that we have been quite the news at school and we even inspired someone else to ride their bike! Who knows... This could be the start of something new - to quote a song from Naomi's favorite movie...

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